Former Sessions Staffer Looking Forward to AG Confirmation

Throughout the month of January, members of the NAACP staged protests against Alabama’s junior Senator. They said Jeff Sessions won’t stand up for civil rights and voting rights.

“If you do not respect the rights our forebears gave their lives for we must oppose you day in and day out unrelentingly,” said NAACP National President Cornell Brooks. As Senate Judiciary committee hearing dragged along Tuesday, one man watching was former Judiciary Committee Chief Counsel William Smith.

“It’s okay if your policy positions are not embraced by some people, to attack a man’s character is really shameful,” said William Smith. Like a lot of conservatives, Smith argues recent protests against Sessions are more like a political show than a principled stand on the issues.

“This is political expediency this is after the election you’ve got to pretend to your base you’re fighting about something and this is a fight they chose to take and they’re going to lose badly,” said Smith. While conservatives comfortably watch an administration slowly fall into place, the president of the NAACP vowed this week to continue protests despite the inevitable confirmation.


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