Owa Theme Park Rides Arriving, Going Up in Foley

Owa in Foley
Theme park rides are under construction at the massive entertainment development in Foley.

Two years ago, it was just an open field. “It’s just sprouting up out of the ground around us.” Now it is a thriving construction site with as many as a thousand workers, on-site seven days a week, changing the landscape almost daily.

img_1807 img_1811

“Every day you come out here to the project there is something new that is being installed or workers that are working on parts of the project,” says Owa spokesperson Kristen Hellmich.


The most obvious change these days, half a dozen rides for the theme park in various stages of construction. “We are getting many of those rides shipped over to us from Italy and they are coming in various containers over a period of several weeks to come and we’ll see more rides come out of the ground in the next few weeks,” says Hellmich. Including the signature roller coaster, “Rolling Thunder”. The 800-foot long track is under construction now.

img_1798 img_1799 img_1802

As busy as they are at the theme park, they are just as busy on every other part of the development according to Hellmich. “They are also working on our retail dining section, our hotel, our island, our lake, our roads and sidewalks. It’s just all coming together like a big orchestra,” and the song they are playing, come to Owa. The first phase is on track to open this summer.


Hiring for this massive development is expected to start in late March. Job fairs are being planned for the 400 employees needed by this summer.

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