Body Found in Foley; Man Arrested for Murder

UPDATE: 36-year-old Christopher Corson was arrested by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Friday morning and charged with murder.

36-year-old Christopher Corson
36-year-old Christopher Corson

Corson is currently being held in Baldwin County Jail with no bond.

Corson was the driver of the car where the body was found Thursday night. A witness called authorities around 6 p.m. about a small white SUV driving down Highway 59 with blood coming from the rear of the vehicle.

When officers found the car in the parking lot of Hoods Discount Home Center, Corson was covered in blood and body was in the back of the car.

Corson was detained and arrested on the scene.

UPDATE: Friday morning, the investigation team plans to regroup and release further information on the case. News 5 is working to confirm the identity of the woman with authorities.

UPDATE: Police say the victim was a white woman and that they had been alerted to the car in the area.

UPDATE: Foley Police Chief David Wilson confirms a car was traveling through Foley and was stopped in Foley. A dead body was found inside. The MCU or Major Crimes Unit of Baldwin County has been activated to investigate this event.

A body has been found inside a SUV in Foley. The car was located in front of the Hood’s Discount Home Center on Highway 59. Investigators have the back gate of the SUV open, and are paying a lot of attention to that part of the vehicle. There is a large police presence.  News 5 has a crew on the scene. We are waiting on official word on what happened.



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