Mobile Studying ADA Compliance in Parks

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

The City of Mobile will be taking a second look at its park system. The city council recently passed a measure hiring a consultant to study all parks in Mobile to make sure they are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. A quick glance at mobile city parks and it appears some of them are doing things right. There’s handicapped parking. There are ramps to playgrounds here and there—but people like Evan May know the difficulties of getting around mobile parks.

“In some of the parks there are not enough accessibility for people who are in a wheelchair or using a walker,” said May. To start addressing that the city recently hired Skulski Consulting to study every park in Mobile to see what needs improvement to be in compliance ADA.

“Parks and rec is one large area where the city engages the public and needs to improve its accessibility and this contract is going to help us figure out those areas we need to improve,” said City ADA Coordinator Don Rose. City officials say there’s no pending litigation or threat of a lawsuit that’s prompting the hiring of a consultant. They say they’re trying to be proactive to make sure they are in compliance with federal law.

“We are meeting minimum standards but sometimes we want to do more than meet standards,” said Parks and Recs Director Matthew Capps.

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