“Hunted” Cast Member Lives on Gulf Coast

The hit show, “Hunted,” premiered right here on WKRG tonight at 9PM. It’s a reality show where hunters find teams of two fugitives who are actors. One of the hunters lives right here on the Gulf Coast. Griff Garrison, part of Alpha Team One, lives in Fort Walton Beach.

Garrison is a retired homicide detective from Augusta, Georgia. He’s only 38 years old, but was looking for a new chapter in his life, when CBS called for him to join the show. He says, “This never happens. I am goofball Griff from Georgia. Here we are.” Garrison says despite the show being a reality show, the investigations were conducted very close to the way they are in real life. “There were times throughout the filming, we would say…’This is real. This is legit.’ We got that adrenaline rush you get during an actual fugitive manhunt.” Garrison describes being on the show as a blast. “It was the most fun I have ever had.”

Garrison would like to use his “fame” to draw attention to a fund he has set up, to help victims of sexual abuse. He says he was molested as a teenager. It’s called the Guardian Charitable Fund. For more information, visit www.thegriffgarrison.com.

“Hunted” will air Wednesdays on CBS at 7PM.

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