Ask Danny: Flooring

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Danny Lipford is talking about putting a new floor over vinyl.  Here’s a transcript of what we talked about:

Chad:  People love flooring; it can be a controversial topic.  This question asks “can I install ceramic over my vinyl flooring in my kitchen?”

Danny:  Boy that has to be one of the most popular questions is can I install a certain floor over another floor?  If you install ceramic over an existing floor.  If it’s in fairly good shape and it’s stuck well to the floor it’s perfectly fine if it’s on concrete.  Now concrete slab with a vinyl is a perfect way to install but if it’s wood you have too much movement and you have to install a layer of cement backer board.  I recommend a half inch thick backer board, that’s kind of a cement type.  You put it right down on the floor, you screw it down, tape the seams then you have a perfect surface to go right over that.  People automatically think they have to take up that existing floor and you really don’t in a situation like that as long as you don’t have any problems caused by that additional half inch.  That can cause a problem in some kitchen areas where you finish a project.  You’ve taken your dishwasher out so you can put the flooring under the dishwasher cavity and then you start putting it back in and the dishwasher won’t work it won’t fit That’s not what you want to see after you’ve worked all day.

Chad:  now can you put the stuff down on a vinyl floor that has a few divots or holes in it?

Danny:  as long as you cut any of those bad spots out and use a little floor patch compound, that’s really easy to use, very inexpensive you can surface any of those areas out to have a surface that’s suitable to have the ceramic go right down over it.

Chad:  Danny Lipford always getting to the bottom line on your floors, thank you very much, sir.

Danny:  Alright, my pleasure

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