Major Damage at Dean McCrary Dealerships

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Maintenance Director Tim Johnson estimates as many as 40 cars were damaged this morning.  The storm hit between two Dean McCrary Dealerships.  Cars at Dean McCrary Mazda and Kia were damaged.  

There’s a lot to see.  The wind stacked cars on top of cars.  It smashed windows and scattered glass and rain in some interiors.

Lot of clean up, we’re going to have to call in some contractors, some AC work, some structural work, new glasses detailed back out,” said Johnson.  The timing of the storm was also important.  The storm hit roughly an hour before the dealerships were supposed to open on what’s normally one of the busiest days of the week.

If it was done in a time frame we would have had a lot of public here it could have been severe people out walking around debris flying, that could have been a lot more severe,” said Johnson.  img_2238 img_2239 img_2241 img_2242 img_2244 img_2245


No word on if it was straight line winds or a downdraft or a tornado, yet.

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