What’s Working: Program Helps Teens Understand Police Tactics

A program for Mobile County High school students is teaching them how to better interact with police. It’s called the Bridging the Gap program. The students are put through real-life scenarios like a traffic stop, and shown the proper way to handle what could be a stressful situation. US Attorney Kenyan Brown started the program in Mobile, and in just the last few months, it has been adopted by the FBI on a national level. He says, “It has been really striking the reaction from kids. The different scenarios: how to act at home, on the street, and if they are pulled over by police. Their eyes are often opened.”

News Five stopped by the police shooting range, where Citronelle High School students were running through the program. They put the students through a fake traffic stop and shown how to act. Student Ray Hernandez says, “You don’t need to talk back. They will pull you over and put you in handcuffs. Even though you are 15 or 16.” William Jenkins says, “Not to get smart with an officer. Follow his directions and follow his directions.”cotton-2

The Mobile Police Department, the FBI, and US Attorney’s office conduct the Bridging the Gap Program once per month.

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