Students Watch Inauguration Live


Sitting in a sixth-grade classroom at St. Ignatius, these students may not fully understand what today is all about.

“It’s kind of confusing,” says sixth grader Maddie Lewis.


But teachers have tried to help the younger ones understand the basics.

“Earlier this year we learned about the election process,” says sixth grader Winchester Bolton.

“We had a voting booth, we actually voted on cookies instead of people because it’s easier for kids to understand so we voted between chocolate chip cookies and oreo cookies,” says Kindergarten teacher Lucy Pryor Slaton.

And by watching the inauguration today, these students are taking part in the political process.

“I liked how Trump said America’s going to be, like, strong again,” says Lewis.

Even if they didn’t like the messy election year we witnessed.

“The candidates were fighting a lot, and it was back and forth,” says seventh grader Eldon Porter.


Meanwhile, for the older students, this is an experience they won’t forget.

“This is actually going to be one of the first inaugurations I’m going to remember. I just think the whole process of electing a president and that it is our choice and we are exercising our freedom is wonderful,” says eighth grader Smith Strain.

And while most of them found the whole thing very interesting, they weren’t too eager to start thinking about a career in politics.

“I don’t think so….way too complicated!” says Bolton.

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