Racial Slurs Painted on Homes in Mount Vernon

When the sun came up Friday morning, it shed light on hateful messages on three homes on Highway 43 North in Mount Vernon.

“We’re peaceable and to have that come up like that on a day like today when we know what’s going on..it’s like..why this? Why KKK or this? The N word. The F word. You know we don’t bother anybody”, said Terica Dees. Her family owns the properties and she can’t make sense of it.

“Why? What is in your heart? What is going on with you mentally to allow you to do something like this? What have we done or someone done to you to make you go this far?”

Dees says vandals have been targeting her family’s land for four months but, her parents raised their family in these homes and they’re not going anywhere.
“Whoever is doing this..they need to know this will only make us stronger.”

Police covered the offensive messages with more paint, but the damage is done.

“Police came and spray painted over this..you know I guess to hide it..but, you know the sting of it is there. You know, we know what we saw. So, it’s still there.”

Despite the hurt, Dees says her family is still going to love who damaged their properties and continue to pray for them.
She says the police and F.B.I. have been out to the properties, but, haven’t arrested anyone.

Mount Vernon Police didn’t return calls to News 5, but we did get a response from the F.B.I.

A statement from Dave Fuhrman reads, “The F.B.I. is aware of the incident. However, it does not meet the statutory requirements to open a civil rights investigation.”

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