Plain Gardening: Is It Dead Yet?

We’re in the time of year we call the “Gulf Coast roller-coaster of weather”; temperatures swing from very cold to very warm and back again. That causes lots of dead-looking foliage, especially tropical foliage like Hong Kong orchid and gingers.
But gardening expert Bill Finch says don’t give up on those plants yet. Even when the temperatures were in the 20s with howling wind, the ground was still releasing heat, so it didn’t get cold enough for roots to freeze. If you cut a branch, you’ll still see lots of green.
Our quick temperature rebound means lots of plants will rebound as well. If your poinsettia wilted, give it a couple of days to recover before you cut it back.
Vegetables, too, should bounce back. Even with frost damage on the leaves, it’s best not to cut them back. Broccoli heads actually may be sweeter, because the cold weather concentrates the plant sugars. So don’t cut anything back right now…the most important thing you can do is wait.
And we talked about citrus a while back and said not to pick before cold weather. Citrus should still be fine; leave it on the tree until you’re ready to eat it.
Learn more by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9am-11am on 106.5FM or email


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