Caught on Camera: Pensacola Explosion Update

CW55/WKRG News 5 has obtained exclusive surveillance video showing the moment of Thursday night’s explosion at the Pensacola Public Works and Facilities Garage.


At the top left corner of the screen, you can see a series of bright flashes. The surveillance camera is about 300 yards away from the garage on Palafox Street.

The Pensacola Fire Department was called to the garage Thursday night, just before 8 pm. No one was injured, but three Public Works trucks were destroyed by the fire. A fourth vehicle was damaged. Fire officials have completed a preliminary investigation, but they have not released a cause.

City officials say the trucks were lined up at a compressed natural gas refueling station last night. The CNG station was also slightly damaged. For now, the refueling station is out of service until any repairs are made. Because of the damage to the trucks and refueling station, there will be some delays in trash and recycling pickup service in the city.

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