Alabamians Love Trump More Now Than on Election Day

As Donald Trump enters office,  people in Alabama feel better about him than they did in November when the state overwhelmingly voted for him.


A News-5/Strategy Research Poll shows 55-percent of Alabamians feel better about Trump now than they did on Election Day.


Among Republicans in the state, the figure is even higher, with 76-percent saying they like Trump better now than in November.


Pollster Jon Gray believes Trump has solidified himself in the last two months with conservatives.


“The Donald Trump as a candidate rarely talked about policy,” Gray said. “It was always bravado and ego and I’m going to win, and this is huge. With the president-elect Donald Trump, we’ve heard a lot of policy.If you look at just the appointments in his Cabinet, these are over-the-top dreams for core Republicans. You are talking some real conservative picks here that nobody dreamed would be reality. I think Republican are seeing excitement on what he’s delivering on the policy front, maybe because he never talked policy before.”


Not surprisingly, among Alabama Democrats, 64-percent have worse feelings about Trump today than they did on Election Day.


“The Democrats are having a bit of reality shock,” Gray said. “‘Oh my gosh, this is really happening?’”


Democrats and Republicans in Alabama agree on one thing – that the nation is more divided now than on Election Day. 53-percent say the nation has gotten more divided since November 8th.


Of those whose feelings about Donald Trump have worsened since November, 77-percent feel the nation has become more divided in that time. Even among those who feel better about the president now than on Election Day, 45-percent say the country is more divided.


“It’s based on Trump’s personality,” said Gray. “It’s based on division of issues. It’s based on we lost. It’s based on we won. It’s based on Republicans surviving eight years of Obama policies.”


Gray points out that division is seen in the fact that Donald Trump enters office with the lowest approval rating of any president in history.


The poll was conducted by phone Thursday night, statewide. 2,500 people responded. The poll has a margin of error of three percent.

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