Alabama lawmaker seeks end to concealed handgun permits

According to the FBI, background checks for guns in the first quarter of 2016 is up 36% compared to last year. 2016 could be on track to break the gun sales record of last year. More guns being purchased means there are more guns available to steal.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – A Tuscaloosa lawmaker wants to do away with the requirement for permits to carry a concealed handgun in Alabama.

Republican Sen. Gerald Allen filed the legislation Wednesday ahead of the legislative session that beings in February.

Allen says the current permit requirement is an unnecessary burden on gun owners. People can carry rifles without a permit.

Currently, a person must undergo a background check to obtain a concealed carry permit for a handgun.

The outlook for the bill is unclear. The bill is supported by the National Rifle Association, but it’s expected to be opposed by law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement representatives in past sessions opposed efforts to allow people to carry loaded pistols in vehicles without a permit.

The session begins Feb. 7.

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