Scambuster: New Twist On Email Phishing Scam


Scammers have found a new way to spread viruses–and it deals with your email.

Used to, a scammer would just hack your email and send emails to everyone in your contacts list with viruses embedded into them.—and it was pretty easy to tell the email was a scam. But now, scammers have taken it up a level.

“They’re getting very specific now,” says Kristina Barrett with the Computer Crew.

Once they hack your email, they find one you’ve already sent that includes an attachment and they make some modifications.

“It’s not the attachment anymore, they have removed the attachment, named it what it was before, and it’s now taking you to a login page for a specific account, it could be Google, it could be Yahoo, any of those things,” says Barrett.

Then they send out the email again. Scammers think you’ll open it again because after all, you’ve opened this email before. Except now when it takes you to that page and you log in, you are releasing the virus onto your computer.

“That virus can lock you completely down, it can slow things down, it can steal information,” says Barrett.

A few tips: Don’t open an email you’ve already gotten, or call the person who sent it and ask if they sent it again. If you do click on the attachment and it takes you to a login page, don’t enter any information and disconnect your computer from the internet immediately.

If you think your computer is infected, you can take it a shop like the Computer Crew and get a diagnostic for around $50.

For more information, visit this website:

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