Mobile Mother Loses 3 Children, Ex-Husband In Fatal Car Accident

On Saturday, Neva Rogers received a phone call that no parent ever wants to get.

“I got a phone call that all three of my children had died, along with their father, Kantrell, in a car accident,” Neva said.

Kantrell, Kristian, Kaleb and Alexander. All four were killed in a fatal car accident in Texas.
Kantrell, Kristian, Kaleb and Alexander. All four were killed in a fatal car accident in Texas.

Neva Rogers and her ex-husband Kantrell Hires split a few years ago. Their three oldest children Kristian (16), Kaleb (14), and Alexander (11) moved with their father to Texas. The couple’s youngest daughter, Elizabeth,11, stayed with Neva in Mobile.

Kantrell Hires and his three oldest children were traveling near Midland, Texas when they were hit by another driver.

“They told me the man was traveling over the speed limit and he skidded because the roads were wet, he crossed the median and hit Kantrell’s car,” Neva said.

Neva was initially told by Texas State Troopers that all three of her children had died on impact. Today, she learned that her oldest daughter Kristian had actually been transported for treatment.

“I just found today, because they told me she died instantly, and then I found out that she was awake and they transported her to the hospital and they had to perform emergency surgery,” Neva said.

Kristian succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. Neva says she feels she was robbed as a mother because had she known Kristian was in the hospital she could have been there.

“I can’t even describe it. I’m upset and I’m mad,” Neva said of being told misinformation about the status of her children.

All four of the bodies were en route from Texas to Mobile when the Texas DA’s Office called to say they needed the bodies back in Texas. The DA’s office decided to press charges against the driver who hit Kantrell and his children, they needed the bodies in order to perform autopsies.

Kantrell Hires, the children’s father, is from Mobile and will be buried here along with his 3 children. Hires was remarried just three weeks ago and he has a baby on the way.

The past few days have been horrific for Neva and her daughter, Elizabeth, but she says all of their beautiful memories are helping her push through.

“I have every moment that I had with them and for that I am grateful,” Neva said.

Rogers is trying to raise money to help transport her family back home for burial.

GoFundMe Page:


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