Midtown Burglary Stopped in Progress; MPD Credit Increased Patrols for Speedy Response

Just before lunch Wednesday, Mobile Police put a stop to a burglary in progress by tazing the suspect, Preston Taylor, who was running away.

It happened at Midtown Oaks Apartment complex on Dauphinwood near Florida Street.

Taylor put up a struggle as officers tried to put him in the back of a cop car.

“Y’all are gonna be guilty of seriously pissing me the **** off,” Taylor shouted towards our camera.

Jack Healy lived in the apartment where Taylor had kicked in the door. When he pulled up, he saw the door open and Taylor running out the back with an officer close behind.

This was the latest in a string of at least 24 burglaries at the complex within the last 6 months. MPD Spokesperson Terence Perkins said the department had taken a proactive approach to putting a stop to that trend by beefing up patrols in the area. He said that’s how an officer was able to respond so quickly.

” We’ve had a lot of break-ins in this area, so we took a proactive approach and asked the officers to patrol this area. So, when the call came out, an officer was just two streets over,” Perkins said.

Taylor has a lengthy criminal history including theft charges, carrying a pistol without a permit, and various drug charges. Police say they found several syringes in Taylor’s pockets and suspect drugs may have played a role.

In addition to facing charges of resisting arrest, burglary 2nd degree, and attempting to elude police, Taylor is now considered a suspect in the two dozen other break-ins at the complex.



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