Foley Couple Arrested for Prostitution at their Business



According to the Foley Police Department, a couple was arrested Tuesday while running a prostitution ring out of their business.

Michelle and Tim Cobb are the owners of Massage and Bodywork on West Laurel Avenue. They were busted after an undercover operation by Foley Police and the FBI.

The couple was also operating the massage parlor without a business license.

Michelle Cobb, who is 41-year-old, is charged with two counts of prostitution. Tim Cobb, a 45-year-old, is only charged with one count of prostitution. Additional charges may be filed against the couple.

Couple busted for prostitution
Massage and Bodywork raided by police Tuesday night.


“We received a tip from one of our building inspectors that there was possibly some type of suspicious activity going on at 625 West Laurel,” says Foley police Capt. Thurston Bullock. Undercover officers were able to find out exactly what was going on. “We were able to establish extra services were being offered for extra fees and at that point, we also found out there was couples massages being offered by her and her husband.”

For folks in Foley, news of the arrests and the crime were surprising. “It’s too bad it comes to such a nice place,” says Pat Burke. “They gotta bring that crime down here.”

But, it’s not the first time according to Bullock. “We had one on the south end of town investigated at the Rainbow. There was also illegal activity going on. We made arrests and shut that down as well.”

They can now add another to the list and hope their message is clear, “all that is illegal and the city of Foley does not put up with it.”



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