Mississippi Man Blames Fog for Driving into the Gulf

Car stranding in Gulf due to Fog
Car stranding in Gulf due to Fog

Last weekend a Mississippi man found himself trapped in his vehicle as he accidently drove his SUV into the Gulf of Mexico from a boat ramp in Bay St. Louis, MS. The reason for driving into the water was due to not being able to see because of the thick dense fog. Thankfully, he was able to escape, but this speaks to the true danger our driving through something you can’t see.

Car in Gulf off of Boat Ramp
SUV submerged in Gulf after driving through dense fog.

Over the last couple of weeks temperatures have been much warmer than normal and during the late and early morning hours, fog has been an issue in most locations. Dense fog will still be a possibility through the rest of this week until cooler air to arrive, so it is important to remember if you encounter an area with dense fog, slow down. Cruising at highway or interstate speeds in dense fog will mean sometimes you only have seconds to react if something is stopped in front of you. 

Tips for driving through fog –

  1. Use low beams – The light from high beams will reflect off the water particles in the air resulting with impaired vision for you as well as oncoming drivers.
  2. Slow down – The slower you can go, the safer you will be.
  3. Avoid distracted driving – In areas of dense fog you might only have seconds to react to objects or other vehicles on the road.


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