Daphne Students to Attend Trump Inauguration

Several students from Daphne High School are traveling to our nation’s capitol for President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Haley Ford, Hunter Sessions, and Matthew Black left this morning with Social Studies teacher, Mary Donna Helms. They will be standing on the National Mall with thousands of other students to watch Donald Trump become the 45th president. They are going as part of a national tour group. Student, Hunter Sessions, says, “I am looking forward to being in the moment and experiencing history on both sides of the aisle…both Democratic and Republican, protesters and so forth.”

Teacher Mary Donna Helms is leading the group from Daphne High School. She is thrilled the students will have the opportunity to witness history. “Regardless of party politics, we are going to witness the 45th president be inaugurated to the highest nation in our land. People from all over the country, students all over the country will be there. Students from every state will be in attendance.”

The students will also have the opportunity to visit many historic sites in Washington D.C. The students return home Saturday.

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