Mobile Police Welcomes New Officers to the Force

It’s a job that comes with a great risk and often little thanks, but for some today it was the realization of a dream.

“I’ve always felt like it was a calling and when the opportunity arose I had to quickly jump to it,” said Terry Wood, a new police officer with the Mobile Police Department.

17 men and two women are joining the forces of Mobile Police.

“I want to help them, but I also encourage women to stand up, be strong. I went through the same things that these guys did and it was hard and it was tough but I made it,” said new officer Cathryn Cormier.

Mobile Police Chief James Barber says this class is a bit special because of the difficulty in filling it.

“We had roughly 183 names that we started calling for the fall academy. Outright, 114 even declined to come in for testing,” Barber told News 5 at the graduation.

The job will come with scrutiny and the dangers are apparent. Last month, a Saraland officer was shot in the head and, just last year, a Mobile officer nearly lost his life.Zachary Davis was shot during an undercover operation.

Davis still hasn’t been able to return to work, but for the first time, he was publicly recognized at Friday’s graduation.


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