Cub Scouts Raise Funds For Inauguration Trip


To someone on the outside, they’re just selling popcorn.

“Let’s do the kettle corn box. You want a whole box of the kettle corn?”

But for them, it means an opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest events in American politics.

“Really excited! Really excited!”

These cub scouts, part of Spanish Fort Pack 177 will soon be on their way to Washington D.C. to lead the pledge of allegiance during one of the events leading up to the presidential inauguration. They get on the road bright and early. It’ll be four scouts, each with their fathers in one van on a 14-hour drive. And it sounds like the scouts have plans for filling the time.

“Probably going to build a little fort in the back! While we’re in the fort we could play video games!”

And while they have their own plans for the journey, so do the parents.

“Some lessons that we’re going to be discussing with them, both out of our cub scout Weeblos book and some stuff I’ve been able to download, podcasts and such that are going to tell us about the city, the history of the city and the presidency and the inauguration, says father P.J. Doyle.

But don’t worry, these boys know the seriousness of what they’re about to do.

“We’ll be saying the pledge of allegiance and representing Donald Trump,” says Jacob Small.

And if he could ask Trump one question?

“What’s it like in the White House?”

When their event is over on Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial, they plan to stick around.

“Friday we’re going back into the city, we’re going to see the museums,” says Doyle.

“Really I’m mostly looking forward to, to going to the Smithsonian,” says Small.

“They’re almost as excited as the dads are, to be honest with you!” says Doyle.

While in Washington D.C., they’ll have lunch with Representative Bradley Byrne. If you missed them today and want to make a donation, you can drop by Spanish Fort Elementary on Monday or Tuesday.

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