What’s Working: Williamson Students’ Growing Interest in Agriculture

In tonight’s What’s Working, we are getting our hands dirty and focusing on the newest career-tech program Williamson High School and Middle Grades Prep  Academy. It’s called Agriculture Science. The teacher, John Halliday, says it’s a way for students to learn the basics about how food goes from farm to table. The students spend much of their class time outside, growing fruits and vegetables in raised beds. Halliday says, “I think the kids are learning a skill that is invaluable…to learn how to raise their own food and go from seed to table. It’s invaluable.”

The students have proved that they have green thumbs! will-3They have produced so many vegetables that they sell them back to the staff at Williamson. Chandra Parrott, the Partner in Education Coordinator at Williamson, says they are now looking for local restaurants to partner with them to purchase the vegetables. “The students are using the proceeds to take a trip to Auburn University to see agri-science first hand.”

Eighth grader Mykhia Sadler says her agri-science class is her favorite. “I love this program. It is so exciting. We plant. We use tools. We learn about the bugs that get on the plans. It is a fun experience.” Halliday says it’s been exciting to watch some of his high school students who are considering a career in agriculture. “Whether they want to do landscaping, or go off to college and go into an agriculture field, or raise vegetables as a side business.”will-1

If a restaurant is interested in purchasing vegetables, contact John Halliday at Williamson High School at (251)221-3411.

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