January Beach Day in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores in January
A taste of Spring in the middle of January.

“A week ago today I was freezing,” says Rodney Merrill from Gulf Shores, “and now I’m on the beach enjoying spring time weather.”


He wasn’t the only one. “I could probably get in that today, it’s not that bad.” Visiting from Michigan, Mike Alexander was testing the waters. “It’s warmer than Lake Superior in the summer. Lake Superior is much colder.”

img_1661 img_1662-cropped

But with the water temperature in the mid-60s that was enough to keep most folks on the beach enjoying the sun, the sounds, flying a kite or just trying to wrap your head around being at the beach in the middle of January. “I enjoy it very much actually,” says Lauren Bozeman from Robertsdale. “I do not like the cold weather.”


Friday the 13th didn’t turnout to be unlucky for beachgoers and the warmer weather is expected to last through the weekend.

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