Healthy Subs for the New Year

Guest: Andy McGee, Lenny’s Grill & Subs

TOPIC: Eager eaters throughout Mobile are loosening their belt loops for holiday feasts filled with ham, potatoes and dessert buffets. However, today’s glutton often turns into tomorrow’s New Year’s resolution. Andy is visiting the WKRG studio to demonstrate to viewers how to make a few lower calorie sandwiches to help prevent packing on the extra pounds as we kick off 2017.

Since the first Lenny’s Subs opened in 1998 in Memphis, TN, the mission has been simple: to make and serve great food. Known for serving the “World Class Philly Cheesesteaks” and other high-quality deli sandwiches and salads, Lenny’s Grill & Subs offers fresh baked bread daily, premium meats sliced to order, and freshly prepared toppings. With more than 100 locations today, Lenny’s Grill & Subs continues to expand throughout the southeast by offering single and multi-restaurant franchise opportunities while selling the best-tasting all-American subs available. For franchise information, visit <;.

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