New K-9 Unit Donated to Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is getting a new furry and four-legged deputy this week.  Ziggy, the new dog, is going to be a huge asset to the department and will come at zero cost to the community.

Two community members in Santa Rosa have come together to donate a K-9 unit to the sheriff’s office.  Tyler Bennett, from CrossFit SRC, and Ed Siwicki, from Siwicki Plumbing, donated $12,500 to purchase Ziggy.


“It’s basically having two officers in one, and so when we found out they were willing to donate the money we were super excited,” said Sgt Roman Jackson, who oversees all the K-9 units in the county.  “It adds another tool to the road and were obviously trying to get as many K-9’s as we can to serve the community.”

The new dog will join the team of six other K-9’s in the county.  The CW55’s Hayley Minogue got to find out first-hand just how well trained and powerful the dogs really are.

Sgt Jackson says the K-9’s in Santa Rosa County have made some big busts in the past few years.

“One of our dogs got 113 pounds of marijuana off the interstate this year,” Sgt Jackson said.  “That was just a cold stop that was made, so because of the dog alert we discovered that. So that’s one of the largest narcotics busts of the year and that’s due to one of our dogs that works dayshift.”

Ziggy is expected to join the force at the end of the week.  Then, the K-9 will hit the streets in April.

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