Baldwin County Commissioner Talks DUI Arrest and Consequences

Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliott

In the same town where his political career could have hit a road block, Baldwin County commissioner, Chris Elliott is talking about his arrest for driving under the influence. “Plead guilty to running the flashing red light, which I did and went ahead and plead guilty to the DUI as well.”

Last May, Elliott was leaving an event in Fairhope, “I did have a couple of beers at the Fairhope State Rotary Cook-Off.” He ran through a flashing red light and then saw blue lights in his rearview mirror. “I was pulled over by a very respectful Fairhope police officer, complied with all of his requests and ended up being arrested for the DUI.”

He didn’t comply with all of the requests. According to police, he refused a breathalyzer test which led to his arrest.

Speaking to the Fairhope Republican Women’s Club he called it a humbling and embarrassing experience.

“I saw his picture in the paper when it happened.” Margaret Norton says she respects how Elliott has handled the situation. “I’ve been a wild woman. I think we all have, you have, I have. I did not want him to feel guilty. I think he has learned a lesson from that experience.”

“I’ve learned I was doing some things that I shouldn’t do,” said Elliott, “that it’s not okay to have a couple of beers and then drive.”

Elliott was fined and his drivers license suspended.

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