Pensacola Community Breaks Ground on General Daniel Chappie James, Jr. Museum


A well known military figure is being honored in Pensacola at the place he called home.  General Daniel Chappie James Jr. was the first African-American four-star general.  He was a trailblazer who’s leaving a path for others to follow.

The home where General Chappie James was raised is now set to become a museum and place where the flight academy that holds his name will meet.  It’s the home where he learned about hard work and never giving up.

“I think he created a path that would inspire more people that it doesn’t matter, you can do whatever you put your mind to,” said Christian Stamley, a young man who wanted to honor the general by dressing like him at the ceremony.

The flight academy works to instill the hard working qualities of the general into kids who join the group.


“We want to reinspire kids,” said Clifton Curtis Jr., the director of the flight academy.  “Whether you’re going to be reaching to be a four-star general, or the surgeon general, or the President of the United States, it’s just through hard work dedication and sacrifice, and always being prepared.  Those are the principles and the things that will be able to allow you to achieve your dreams.”

After community members shared words of encouragement and praise, including Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, they broke ground on something they hope will serve as more than a museum.

“Hopefully we inspire the next generation to do their best and rise to unbelievable positions of power in the world,” said Ross Pristera, Vice President of the museum board.

The museum is expected to open its doors to the public in early 2018.


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