Teenagers Arrested for Neighborhood Graffiti in Foley

Foley vandalism
Foley neighborhood victim of vandals. Spray-painted houses and vehicles.

Three juvenile suspects were arrested by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office for vandalism and stealing a golf cart in a Foley neighborhood last month.

The crimes happened back in December when homeowners woke to find their cars and property spray painted. One of the cars even had the word, “Trump”, painted on the side of it.

More than half a dozen cars and at least three houses were all spray-painted and most of the graffiti was too vulgar to show on television.

Investigators were able to locate the suspects after going to their school and finding out the students were not there for unexcused absences. After leaving the school, they found the students walking in the parking lot of Academy Sports in Foley. The students were detained and questioned where they confessed to the crimes in the Sweet Gum Village neighborhood.

Two of the students confessed to the vandalism and all three students confessed to the golf cart theft.


The identity of the three students will remain unknown, but they are being held at the Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center.

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