What’s Working: Mobile Woman Loses Eighty Pounds after Last Year’s New Year’s Resolution

In the latest What’s Working, a story that may inspire you, if you one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. A woman from Mobile has lost eighty pounds since last January. Angela Clark was a size 22, and she made it her goal last year, to get healthy. She joined Omni Gym in Mobile (on Airport Blvd) and started working out five days her week for at least an hour. Clark says, ” I wanted to start with a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t start with a goal, and I don’t have a goal now. I wanted to eat better and add  workouts to my life.” Clark has lost a whopping 80 pounds in one year! She did it the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. “I feel happier and healthier and excited to come to the gym every day.”

Clark credits some of her success to her trainer, Kathy Pannelli, at Omni Health and Fitness in Mobile. She jokingly refers to Pannelli as the “she-devil,” because she challenges Clark during their twice-a-week training sessions. Pannelli describes Clark as “amazing.” She says, “I have trained a lot of people, and they are all wonderful. She (Angela) is special, and she wants to do it. That is the key factor. If you it, You can accomplish anything in life.”

Clark has lost eighty pounds and plans on losing at least twenty more. She has dropped from a size 22  to a size 12. She has a big reward in mind. “I want to reward myself with Louis Vuitton shoes. Every ten pounds I have lost,  I have rewarded myself.”

Way to go, Angela!

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