Tensions Mount in Fairhope Between Mayor, Council

City Council meetings in Fairhope have been quite dramatic as of late, as the city’s new Mayor Karin Wilson and members of the council continue to butt heads.

“Whenever we come into one of these council meetings, whenever I come up with an idea if I have something it is a lot of questions a lot of ‘why is she needing this,’” said Mayor Wilson. “That’s what I call a roadblock and it’s going to be something that’s going to prevent Fairhope from moving forward.”

At issue Monday night was a proposal by the Mayor for a utilities capacity study. Wilson had selected the Cassady Company out of Northport for the contract, but council members instead voted to amend the resolution to approve the contract for a different company.

Mayor Wilson was also seeking approval for an administrative assistant position, but the council rejected it after a tense back and forth with the mayor.

“It’s a little bit unusual to be this contentious and I think there are just a lot of things moving very fast a lot of new ideas. Council is not up to speed on a lot of these and I think that we want to be in the know and I think that we are still trying to make the best decisions that we can for the city,” said Council President Jack Burrell.

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