Daphne Bank Robber Identified

Daphne Wells Fargo Robbery
Police identify the bandit as James Daniel Bain of Bay Minette.

Surveillance photos capture the crime. A bank robbery Saturday at Wells Fargo bank in Daphne.

“The note basically said give me the cash and no one will get hurt,” says Daphne detective Jason Vannoy. “He just passed the note to the teller.”

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Once the photos were posted on the police department’s Facebook page, the phone started ringing. “We got several calls based off the social media release. All were indicating it was him,” says Vannoy.

There is now a warrant for the arrest of 27-year-old James Daniel Bain of Bay Minette.


This isn’t the first time Daphne Police have dealt with the Bain family. Almost five years ago Daphne Police was looking for Bain’s older brother Michael. In 2012, a barroom brawl at the Bay House Pub ended in the death of Daniel Tuttle. In March, Michael Anthony Bain is set to stand trial for manslaughter.


The younger Bain appeared to have a bright future. Many of those callers leaving anonymous tips identifying him as the bandit, had gone to school with him. “They had called and went to college with him,” says Vannoy, “and nobody really knew what happened. What kind of threw him off track”

An honor student and law school graduate James Daniel Bain is on the run and on the wrong side of the law.

Authorities have expanded their search to Arkansas where they say Bain’s fiance lives.

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