Computer Glitch Causes Thousands To Receive Incorrect Tag Renewal Notices

A mix-up at the Mobile County License Commission has citizens concerned about the safety of their information.

Thousands of tag renewal notices were sent out last week but many of them contained the wrong information. The notices were addressed to the correct person however, the information inside was wrong. This mix-up affected 22,000 of the 28,000 notices that were sent out.

Robert Anthony received four notices in the mail and all of them contained the information of someone else.

“I can’t understand how they had the correct address and the different names on the tags,” Anthony said.

License Commissioner Nick Matranga told News 5 the mix-up is the fault of the company, Diversified. According to him, a computer glitch on their end caused the misinformation to be sent out.

“They used two computers, to be technical, and those machines did not populate the information that we sent them for the mailouts, for the vehicles– to renew their tags on their cars,” Matranga said.

While the mistake is an inconvenience the License Commissioner says drivers should not be worried about the security of their information.

“We have enacted additional security procedures just in case someone would try to do something like that–with that information, and if they try to do something like that they will have a chance to speak to the Sheriff,” Matranga said.

Diversified is resending the tag renewal notices for all of those with “A” and “D” last names. The notices are going out tonight and should be delivered within the next few days.

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