Attention on Sessions Increases as Confirmation Hearings Start Tuesday

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions goes begins senate confirmation hearings tomorrow. While he’s facing a lot of opposition as Trump’s attorney general pick, he’s also getting a lot of support too. Jeff Sessions hasn’t seen this much national media attention in 30 years. This piece in the New York Times recounts the Perry County voter fraud case he lost in the 80’s. It’s a case several activists point to as a reason Sessions shouldn’t be attorney general.

From the NYT:  Yet then and now, Sessions has defended the prosecution as necessary and just. If he had it to do over, Sessions would bring the case again,

“We’re talking not just about merely racially offensive language from decades ago but racially offensive policy and behavior across the time and across decades,” said NAACP National President Cornell William Brooks during a protest in Mobile last week. Conservatives have been lining up to defend sessions.

“Jeff Sessions has a long record of not being a racist, I think it’s unfortunate when you cannot win an argument on the issues you turn to name calling,” said the Co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Jenny Beth Martin. I spoke with her via FaceTime. An article in the Washington Post this weekend says it’s been difficult to peel away Republican support for sessions because he’s so nice and likable.

From the Washington Post:  He is one of the more well-liked members of the Senate, a place that still retains elements of one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. He is genial, respectful and patient toward colleagues and staff.

CNN posted a story Monday morning talking about sessions cutting compromises with democrats in the Senate gym.

From CNN:  Cutting deals in smoke filled rooms of the Capitol doesn’t happen anymore. Sipping scotch in a senator’s hideaway to help find compromise is mostly a relic of a time gone by.

While the committee hearings may have grandstanding and fireworks, conservatives are relatively confident sessions will be confirmed.

“I think liberals and democrats are working to do everything they can to undermine President-Elect Trump’s agenda, and his entire presidency before he even gets in office, so anything they can do to undermine members of his cabinet or to undermine his agenda, in general, they’re going to work to do,” said Martin.

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