Mobile Escapes Dangerous Ice, Still Very Cold

Icicles can be found around the Outlaw Convention Center

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Mobile escapes dangerous icing on the roads but not bitter cold. Even colder temperatures are forecast for tonight into tomorrow. It’s so cold outside. The bitter wind blowing through downtown mobile can be seen rising off the water along the Mobile River.

“Rough man, ha rough,” said Charles Brown with a laugh. He was planning to stay with his sister to stay warm. There are icicles on the convention center, partially frozen ponds around downtown streets, frozen rain on cars, and at least one driver who needed a jump start from the Downtown Mobile Alliance because it was too cold for his car to start.

“It feels like ice, like I’m in a freezer right now, like I’m in an icebox,” said Travis Smith with a laugh as he got back into his recently resuscitated vehicle. Whether you’re walking around or standing still it’s going to be very hard to stay warm during what’s going to be a very cold weekend overall. At the Salvation Army, things are considerably warmer for the roughly 60 people who spent the night Friday into Saturday.

“We are not typically a day shelter but this is the weekend and it is extreme conditions so we’re going to be there for the community however they need us, and this is how they need us right now,” said Patricia Finkbohner with the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army shelter on Dauphin Street will stay open through at least Sunday afternoon.

img_2026 img_2028 img_2033 salvation army Salvation army img_2042 img_2043 img_2045 img_2046

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