Historic Marker For Mobile’s First Mardi Gras


If you live in Mobile, you know we are the birthplace of Mardi Gras.

“It is very significant because I didn’t know that until I moved down here,” says Erin Tiberio.

And you’ve probably been to a parade.

“They’re a lot of fun! says Tiberio.

For young and old alike, they are not to be missed. And now, Mobile has a historical marker depicting the place and time of our very first parade.

“I think it’s kinda cool cause it shows the history of the whole Mardi Gras celebration,” says Aubree Jordan.

The marker is thanks to Steve Joynt, publisher of Mobile Mask magazine. He researched the history and decided what was going to be on the marker. It talks about the Order of Myths, the very first organization to parade here at Royal and Government Streets in February of 1868. And for a place where Mardi Gras is so prevalent, it’s odd to think we didn’t have a marker before.

“I didn’t actually know that we didn’t have a marker,” says Jordan.

“I didn’t know that we didn’t have that, it is very surprising,” says Tiberio.

“I think it’s really cool cause it has a whole historical standpoint. Cause you can say, like, oh yeah, I’m from there, so it’s just cool in a way!” says Jordan.

Joynt got the approval for the marker by the Alabama Historical Association. The marker cost just over $2,000. The money came from three anonymous donors.

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