Inland County Schools Close early; Students Excited for Long Weekend

It’s unusual for the hallways at Jackson High School to be empty by 1:30 p.m. on a weekday, but Clarke County was one of several inland areas that sent students home early to beat Friday night’s frigid weather.

still0106_00002The students were obviously devastated.

“Ohh I was super excited to be able to go home and relax the rest of the afternoon,” Sophomore Addie Powell said with a grin.

“I mean who doesn’t like getting out of school early!” Senior Will Raybon said.

In the next town over, as soon as the bell rang at 1:30, Weston Hill middle schoolers sprinted to the busses trying not to get soaked by the freezing rain pouring down.

Jackson High School principal Stuart Etheredge explained that there are several moving parts that have to line up to send students home early to keep the safe. still0106_00001

“You’ve got 53 school busses to run. You’ve got to change the bell schedule to get them out early. You’ve got to get parents here. It’s not necessarily that bad at a high school but when you have middle school and younger kids at the elementary grades, it can prove difficult to get parents there and off work. Logistics can by a nightmare,  but the main goal is to get the kids home safely,” Etheredge said.


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