Trinity Garden Park Gets Makeover

Repairs at the Trinity Garden Park playground are complete. A new playset, swings and benches have been installed.

It’s the same location where News 5 found extremely dangerous conditions seven months ago, including a pipe protruding from the ground.

Councilman Fred Richardson allocated portions of his capital improvement funds to get the park repaired, costing around $47,000.

“I am so proud of this. It’s the beginning,” said Richardson. “I come out here on Saturdays and I see parents out here with their children just having a great time and it is so meaningful to see that.”

Richardson says for years the park was neglected when it came time for budget allocation, and the park gradually grew unsafe.

“I am surprised that we have a recreation department that allowed someone to leave pipes exposed in an area where kids are playing. Who in their right mind would allow this to happen,” said Richardson.

The councilman plans to host a community opening party to spread the word about the park’s upgrades.

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