Styx River Flooding Receding

Riverside R.V. Resort
Flood waters are receding at this R.V. park on Styx River in Baldwin County.

STYX RIVER, AL- Styx River is a popular place to hang out in the summer, but the river is still dangerously high following Monday’s severe weather.

At Riverside R.V. Resort, owner Nikki Givens evacuated the riverfront camp sites.

“It was raining cats and dogs and just sheets coming through,” says Givens. “You have to move and you have to move quickly.”

In all, Givens and her crew moved 22 campers to higher ground. Linda Evanello was one of the campers who moved up the hill.

“It was just pouring, the wind was blowing, the rain was bouncing off all the roofs,” says Evanello.

The water continues to recede. The clean-up at Riverside R.V. Resort will take days.

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