Delauna Powell’s Accused Killers Confessed Guilt to Friend


Iseral Hall and Antonio Lang were in court Wednesday morning for a preliminary hearing for the shooting death of Delauna Powell.

It was at a stop sign, near I-10 and Duval Street where Delauna Powell was shot while on her way to work. It was just after 4 am. An autopsy shows she was struck in the arm and the chest.

Corporal Kenneth Gillespie testified to the court Wednesday morning. He says they obtained 35 minutes of surveillance video from a nearby church which shows the minutes leading up to and right after the incident.

According to testimony, three other vehicles passed through the same intersection on the morning of the shooting. Each one told Gillespie they saw two subjects on the side of the road, were in fear for their lives, and ran the stop sign.

Powell was the fourth car to come to that stop sign. Gillespie says surveillance video shows her car approaching, then the two subjects moving, then quickly running away.

Iseral Hall had a lot to say about it when he was arrested last November.

“I knew it was supposed to be a robbery. I had agreed on stealing her car, I ain’t agreed on killing nobody. (why’d you shoot her? What did she do?) He shot her. (What did she say to make him shoot her?) She didn’t say nothing, he just did it.”

Here, Hall says Lang was the shooter. Gillespie says Lang did confess he was the shooter to a friend of theirs who later testified to police.

Police found seven shell casings in the area around Duval Street. Gillespie says the gun, a .38 caliber, belonged to the mother of Hall’s girlfriend.

According to Hall’s testimony to police, the two just wanted money and were looking to steal the car and sell it for scrap in Prichard. We talked with Delauna’s uncle after the hearing.

“She had fun, she enjoyed life and that’s what we all try to strive to do and she made the best of it, even though it was short, she made the best of it,” says Kenneth Powell.

The case now goes to a grand jury.

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