Conservative Group Says NAACP Protest Just To Score Political Points

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Wednesday morning it was all quiet in front of Jeff Sessions Mobile office door. There wasn’t a staffer or protester in sight. Tuesday evening a small group camped out front to protest Sessions’ nomination as AG. They claimed Sessions has the wrong record on voting and civil rights. Six were ultimately arrested for trespassing including the national President Cornell William Brooks.

“As to whether or not he’s qualified to hold this job because he’s willing to enforce all the laws on behalf of all the people and based on that he is not,” said Brooks. The conservative dark-money group the Judicial Crisis Network bought ad time for this pro-Sessions ad in DC during the holidays. We spoke to Policy Director Carrie Severino via FaceTime.

“So there are a lot of people who just want to score some points against trump and it’s just unfortunate they’re tarnishing the reputation of a fine public servant like Jeff Sessions in the process,” said Severino. She says allegations sessions is either unfair or bigoted were disproven 30 years ago.

“It’s really laughable and sad there are people who are trying to drum up a claim of racism, this is someone who campaigned against Democrat George Wallace, a segregationist,” said Severino. Members of conservative groups argue protests like we saw Tuesday are really just to rally the Democratic base and will have little effect when Sessions goes to Capitol Hill for confirmation hearings next week.

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