NAACP Holds Rally, Sit In At Jeff Sessions’ Mobile Senate Office

Today, the NAACP held a rally outside of Jeff Sessions’ Mobile Senate Office. Around 50 people attended the event, including NAACP National President Cornell William Brooks.


Brooks spoke at the event saying he did not believe Jeff Sessions understood the needs of the African American community.

“Leading the Department of Justice presumes that you believe in the laws that the Justice Department is enforcing. The Voting Rights Act is the crown jewel of civil rights legislation. It was widely regarded as the most effective- or at least it was the most effective civil rights statute and here we have an Attorney General nominee who does not acknowledge the reality of voter suppression,” Brooks said.

However, supporters of Jeff Sessions say these claims are unfounded.

“Senator Jeff Sessions is a kind hearted man who has been a heart of service for as long as I’ve known him. I don’t think there is any racism in him at all. He has done a great job of over 40 years of public service and that means a lot. If–when he is appointed and goes into office Senator Sessions is going to do a great job as attorney general,” State Senator Bill Hightower said.

Following today’s rally, NAACP members walked inside Sessions’ Mobile Senate Office where they are currently holding a sit-in. According to a tweet sent out by the NAACP President, the group will not be leaving until Sessions withdrawals his nomination or they get arrested.



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