Clean-Up Continues a Day After Destructive Gulf Shores Storms



Most homeowners and business owners seem upbeat following strong storms that flowed through south Baldwin County Monday afternoon.  Matt Lumpkin owns a number of buildings damaged by the weather.  Despite a long list of things to do, he recites his problems with a smile.

Overwhelmed, got a lot of damage on several different buildings, it’s just been rough you know,”  said Lumpkin.  A lot of people were thankful this storm wasn’t worse.  Duck’s Coastal Kitchen will probably be closed until Friday.  The owner said they lost all their food but they’ll be able to bounce back.

I’m glad my insurance company is paid up-to-date, we’ve seen low times and high times, we’ll make it through this,” said owner Mike Hudgens.  A spokesman for the City of Gulf Shores estimated they had reports of at least half a dozen businesses damaged.  


Gulf Shores, AL (WKRG)

It’s a quiet start to the morning in Gulf Shores. Scattered damage can be seen on Highway 59, especially south of Fort Morgan Road.

The most eye-catching sight looks like that Pizza Hut sign snapped in half yesterday. It is still lit despite the damage. The electronic sign outside Reds and Ribs is still lit but it leans against a palm tree. If not for that it would probably be on the ground. We’ll keep this story updated as we go on throughout the morning.

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