Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo Surviving the Storm, Again

Storm damaged Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
Straight line winds cause extensive damage at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores.

Every storm is different. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has been through just about all of them.

“It was a little scary for a while,” says zoo director Patti Hall. “I don’t get scared and even I was little scared for a couple minutes.” That’s about all the time they had before the business of getting the zoo back open was in full swing. “We’re a pro at doing that after three hurricanes.”


With the amount of tree’s that were snapped in two, it’s a wonder there wasn’t more damage. Fences were either crushed or blown away and still none of the animals escaped. So far only one injury to one of the tropical birds being blamed on the storm.


“I feel so blessed and we’re so blessed,” says Hall, “this could have happened at 2 o’clock in the morning when no one was here and who knows how many animals would have suffered from that.”

As crews work to clear debris, the roles are reversed. The animals are watching the humans. “They didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and they all look like deer in the headlights. They’ve been through a lot,” says Hall.

And so has “The Little Zoo That Could”. Once again in familiar circumstances and determined to survive mother nature, again.


Now that the heavy lifting is done, volunteers who want to help finish cleaning up the zoo are asked to show up Wednesday with rakes, boots and gloves.

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