Water main break on Causeway Latest

UPDATE (9:30 a.m. 1/2) – Crews from MAWSS were able to install a temporary valve Sunday night that restored water service to 30 customers of the Causeway.

Many homes, businesses and restaurants lost service Sunday due to a break in a 24-inch water main near the boat launch parking lot. The main break impacted customers west of the boat launch to the foot of the Spanish Fort hill.

According to MAWSS, the valve is temporary and will need to be replaced.

Many restaurants East of the boat launch on the Causeway are still without  water as of 4:30 Sunday evening.

MAWSS Public Affairs Manager Barbara Shaw said in a statement:

About 30 customers along the Causeway, including several restaurants east of the boat launch, remain without water this evening as MAWSS crews continue efforts to restore service.

The break in the 24-inch water main occurred early this morning. Ralph and Kacoo’s, Felix’s and locations west of them are not impacted.

Crews hope to have water restored late this evening, after midnight. However, weather could be a factor in meeting that timetable.”

water-main-break-pic2 water-main-break-pic3

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