Storm Damages Ensley Area in Escambia County, FL

Ensley, FL (WKRG)

Roughly 30 homes have been damaged following a powerful storm on January 1st.  The storm rolled through just before 4 Sunday morning.  No injuries have been reported.  First responders say they’re thankful things weren’t worse than they could have been.

A lot of it has been vegetative, big trees have been blown over into homes, that’s predominately what’s caused a lot of the structural damage we’re seeing,” said Escambia County Emergency Manager John Dosh.  Some of the worst damage could be seen starting around Tara Dawn Circle.  The storm cut a line starting from around 10 Mile Road, northeast to Chemstrand and Ray Road.  Joann Whitaker says, for some reason, her family camped out in the living room last night instead of piling into the bedroom.  A tree came crashing through the bedroom ceiling which sent wooden rafters crashing into the spot they would have been sleeping.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.

“It just happened so fast, and I heard a crash and in my heart and head I knew it was a tree coming through the roof and it was just so scary,” said Whitaker.  She believes some divine intervention prevented her family from getting hurt.

It wasn’t luck, it was a blessing from God, He put us in the living room,” said Whitaker. Several roads have been closed as Gulf Power crews work to restore service around the area.  At the storm’s peak roughly 2,000 people were without power according to a Gulf Power spokesman.  You can check current outages here.  

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