Rainy Start to 2017; Mobile Roads Flooded

A soggy New Year’s Eve turned into a very wet New Year’s day.  In West Mobile, Tanner Williams proved to be a typical problem spot for drivers. In Semmes, the heavy rains turned one neighborhood street into a rushing river.

“If I had a boat right now, we could do some skiing or something,” said Carl Hazzard, who lives on Jeremy drive. His backyard is covered in more than a knee-deep rushing water after a tiny creek crested during the night. ” About 10 or 12 years ago we signed a document for the County to clear out the creek and all the trees here,  but I guess they tabled it and nothing was ever done about it,” Hazzard said.

He worries that the frequent flooding might be dangerous for kids in the neighborhood.

” Kids play in this neighborhood and if they ever get in this swift current, they’re never going to stand a chance,” Hazzard said.

still0101_00001Out on the Causeway, a boat ramp parking lot eroded and collapsed. MAWSS crews worked for hours to repair a water main break underneath. Water officials say it’s too early to tell what caused the break, but it left several restaurants without water, unable to open for the first customers of the new year.

While the first day of 2017 was a wet one, it looks like the second day will bring more of the same.


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