New Year’s Day Baby Takes Family By Surprise


The Thompsons were looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home.

“Yeah we were going to try to stay up and welcome in the new year but we didn’t make it,” says Audrey Thompson.

Audrey Thompson wasn’t due for another two weeks, but…

“I did wake up at 12:30 with water breaking, you know, and made our way here real quick!”

Just two hours later at Providence Hospital, weighing seven pounds and six ounces, Michael Thompson came into the world. He’ll have a lot of help learning the ropes from his older sister, one-year-old Judith, who’s going to be a great big sis.

“Yep, already she is.”


This is Audrey’s second natural birth, which she says was easier than the last, and of course, much quicker.

“A lot less scary, the workers I was involved with were able to help me feel calm, which helped a lot with my getting through the pain,” says Thompson.

And now, for this family, New Year’s will never be looked at the same way.

“New year’s to me was always kind of a celebration, oh yeah, why? You know, I’ll just make resolutions that I’ll never look up to! But I don’t know this is different you know, when you have a new baby, it’s exciting, you know, I don’t know. Someone out there believes in you or something!”


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