Mobile Police: Please don’t shoot into the air to celebrate New Year’s

Bullet in a roof. Courtesy of INSPECT MOBILE, LLC.

The Mobile Police Department has a simple request:

Please do not shoot into the air to celebrate New Year’s.

What goes up, must come down.

“Bullets that are fired into the air can travel great distances and cause significant amounts of property damage to vehicles, homes and countless other items. Along with property damage, stray bullets can inflict injury or death to an unsuspecting victim,” MPD said in a release. 

Doug Johnson, owner of Inspect Mobile says he has actually found bullets in more than one residential rooftop thanks to New Year’s gunfire.

The damage can cause roof leaks.

In 2010, a 4-year-old died in Georgia, bringing national attention to the gunfire tradition and its perils.

Ballistics determined the bullet that ultimately killed him could have been fired from as many as three miles away, no telling from whom.

He was sitting next to his mother at a church when the bullet came through the roof and killed him.

And that’s exactly what Mobile Police are trying to prevent.

They want you to call them if you hear gunfire.

“Citizens are encouraged to contact the Mobile Police Department if they observe someone firing a gun into the air. Suspects arrested for a stray bullet that strikes someone’s property or injures another person could be charged with a felony.”

Bullet in roof. INSPECT MOBILE LLC
Bullet in roof. INSPECT MOBILE LLC

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