75% of Trump’s “Thank You” Visit in Mobile to Fall On City Taxpayers

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — The City of Mobile has released the expenditures from President-Elect Donald Trump’s December visit to Mobile for his “Thank You” tour.

In total, the cost of the December 17th visit amounts to $78,535.16 that’s been split into three categories, buses, operations, and public safety.

The buses will be paid for by the Trump Campaign in a future reimbursement, the operational costs will be reimbursed by Mayor Sandy Stimpson, and the public safety costs are being paid for by the City of Mobile.

The overtime pay for Mobile Police and Mobile Fire-Rescue — which makes up the public safety category — makes up about 75-percent of the overall cost, which is to be paid for by taxpayers.


“Over the past three years, we have built strong relationships with the Obama Administration which have paid tremendous dividends for the City of Mobile. President-Elect Trump’s historic visit to Mobile brought international exposure to our city and marked the beginning of our strong relationship with the new Administration. Public safety was of utmost importance during this visit for our guests and our citizens, as well as for the security of the President-Elect and his team. The cost of public safety was consistent with other cities hosting similar events and was more than offset by the event’s positive economic impact. As the chief steward of City’s public resources, I have committed to raise the funds to reimburse the City of Mobile for all costs that were not associated with public safety for the President-Elect’s visit.” – Mayor Stimpson


Here is the complete breakdown of the costs:


·         Faith Bus Service: $5,225

·         Kingdom Coach: $3,800

·         Gulf Coast Tours: $4,377.50

·         Good Time Tours: $950

·         Total: $14,352.50 – paid by Trump campaign


·         Electrical: $829.95

·         Architectural Engineering: $277.50

·         Public Buildings: $3,528.16

·         Mechanical: $528.57

·         ABC Signs: $600

·         Total: $5,764.18 – to be reimbursed by Stimpson

Public Safety:

·         Mobile Fire-Rescue Department Overtime: $8,726.58

·         Mobile Police Department Overtime: $49,691.90

·         Public Safety Total: $58,418.48 – paid by City of Mobile

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